"Amber and the Brand Love Studio Team were PHENOMENAL in helping me rebrand and create my beautiful new online home! 

I had been dreading a website rebrand, because I wasn’t exactly sure who I was or what I stood for anymore.

I was serving plenty of clients quietly on the side, but there was definitely a disconnect between my website and how I actually was showing up. It just didn’t feel like me anymore.

Enter Amber. From our very first conversation, I KNEW she was the one to help me make it all happen.

Amber expertly and lovingly helped me bust through my inertia and hesitation, claim what I knew to be true all along in my brand and then build a visual representation of all of that.

It’s been a simply AMAZING process. 

Now I am LOVING my gorgeous online home! I honestly can’t stop looking at it! And the best part? It feels totally like me.

My clients have felt this up-level too as I have stepped into bigger and better ways to serve them through this process." 

- Heather Jernigan,  Creative Marketing Director & Business Coach


"We were extremely impressed with Amber from our first conversation.  We knew she was the one we wanted to help us along our journey! 

Her level of expertise, experience, encouragement and care that went into our project was beyond our expectations.

Amber is enthusiastic, intelligent, insightful and creative.  Her professionalism, and ease in working with on this project, and genuine interest in helping us achieve our vision, are not only greatly appreciated, but are what set her apart from others in her field.  She was there for us every step of the way!

Amber digs deep and wants to help you realize your "soul purpose",  and she went above and beyond to do just that.

She helped us express the truth and meaning behind what we do. We could not have done it without her and are so grateful for the outcome of our completely rebranded business!  Thank you Amber, from the bottom of our hearts." 

-Dr. Chris and Kelly Dawson, Portsmouth Family Chiropractic


"Working with Amber, simply put, has changed my life.

When we started on my vision I was lost in what direction I wanted to go in. Amber held that space for me to, safely and without  judgement, find my way. She has a way of pulling information from you that is gentle and effective. Her intuition and guidance are priceless in getting an authentic self expression brand.

She wraps her clients, her tribe in pure unconditional love and sees their greatness before they do.

Her business skills and her team are nothing short of genius. Amber is love, creativity, passion and integrity. She will make you feel as though you are her number one client and will not stop until you have the website you could've only dreamt about.

Hiring Amber has been one of my best decisions, ever.

She is so much more than a talented Branding Coach. Connecting with Amber can change your life and will most certainly take your business needs to a whole other level. She gets this stuff, she will honor you. Not only will you have a website that you will be proud of, you will have a deep sense of gratitude for having crossed paths with a beautiful soul."
-Sue Burhoe, Certified Holistic Life Coach & Soul Therapy Practitioner

I came to Amber knowing that my website did not reflect who I was and what I offer. It was scary rather than inviting and not surprisingly it wasn't attracting clients - I needed brand help!  I also wanted to develop some online offerings, as until that point my business was all face to face clients. I was technically challenged, and didn't quite know where to begin - I felt like I needed help with everything!

Amber had a remarkable ability to tease out clarity from my story. I felt she was really able to see me and recognise my gifts.  Because of this she was able to help me speak directly to my ideal clients in a clear and inviting way.

Amber created a beautiful website which I love and absolutely expresses who I am and what I offer. After many years of developing my skills, it felt like this was also a birthing of my work in its full maturity. And Amber was a fantastic midwife!

Amber was sensitive, encouraging and motivating. She gave me confidence to step out of my comfort zone and tackle new, technical challenges. She was also efficient, quick to respond, and flexible and went above and beyond what I expected of a coach, I highly recommend working with her.

-Bridget Ferguson, Transformation. Empowerment. Self-Love Coach

"Working with Amber was like witnessing the clouds parting during a heinous storm.  She moved us from chaos to clarity and her voice, energy and savvy business skills lifted us up during every meeting.  Thank you , Amber for your professionalism, your creativity and for being such a joy to work with!"

-Dr. Pam Jarboe, Chiropractor of Community Chiropractic & Board of Directors Member of the League of Chiropractic Women

"Amber has an amazing ability to bring out the true essence of your brand. She is so giving and really cares about her clients. During our session we were able to create my tagline for my website. I also walked away with a lot more clarity on how I wanted my website to look, flow, and the feel I wanted people to have when they visited my site. Since our very first conversation together, I was really able to really connect more to my true personality and get more comfortable with expressing this to my community. Amber went above and beyond to help and support me. I am grateful for the time we spent together." 

-Kerry Sheppard, Business Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs

"Before working with Amber, I knew absolutely nothing about Branding. I had worked with coaches in the past, and always followed their models for describing and marketing my business, but never felt they understood me or my goals. Amber helped me get really clear about what I want to offer my clients, find my unique and authentic voice, celebrate and identify my gifts, and feel like a powerhouse in my business! The clarity that she has brought to my life and the tools she has given me for growing my business has helped me attract my ideal clients and generate even more money! But what Amber really brings to the table is good-ole fashioned New England honesty and integrity, with a touch of sass and UNBELIEVABLE support! Her passion and drive to help her clients live out their mission is what makes her the best! She gets you, she honors you, and she puts you on the fast-track to success. My work with Amber has helped me to become the coach and teacher I always dreamed of being, and for that... I am forever grateful!" 

-Meg Haines, Life Coach & Healer

"Since working with Amber, I've been thinking differently about what it means to have a brand vs. just having a business. I havea  clearer vision of the look, sound, and the feel of my brand. I am better able to connect with my followers and readers to give them exactly what they want. I'm getting more website engagement with my sales pages/services.
The website hits for my group coaching program (Mindset Makeover Mastermind) went from <10 to 119 when I implemented Amber's recommendations...
The changes we've made to my sales pages are effective and most of all, they make me VERY happy when I look at them."

-Melissa Toler, Wellness Coach

This is a shout out to anyone starting a business or looking to grow their brand! I received amazing help and training from Amber Lilyestrom. She really is a passionate soul on a mission. She was amazing help with marketing, entrepreneurship questions, photography, web design, communicating with customers, setting goals, and having breakthroughs. She helped me stretch my comfort zone! I actually have the guts to ask customers for reviews. And me write a blog? Me? She is very inspirational and encouraging. She has helped me think outside of the box with her imaginative ideas. I always felt invigorated after our sessions. Her positive witty outlook helped me remain positive and become more self-assured. I believe in myself! Looking forward to the universe unfolding because I love my brand!! Thanks for the validation Amber…much love!! Hire her as your coach, you won’t be sorry.

-Katie Nelson, Pet Suds Holistic Mobile Dog Grooming Spa